Innovations in e-Learning Keynote Slides

Last month I had the pleasure of delivering a Keynote at the eight annual Innovations in e-Learning conference at George Mason University.

My talk was titled “Learning in the Era of the INSTANT Enterprise” and I explored how technology is changing both the environment within which enterprises work as well as the way individuals within the enterprise are engaging in workflow.

Here is a snippit of my talk where I set up the key question I explore as it relates to creating an Instant enterprise:

You can view the full keynote by clicking HERE:

Many of you commented that you liked the artwork in the presentation. The truth is that most of my keynotes these days are not mine, they are a collaboration between myself and Gary Zamchick, a wonderfully talented thought-partner and visualizer.

Here is are the charts for your review/download:

In following the twittersphere, it looks like I may have been overzealous in my final assertion that we “don’t need new TECHNOLOGY, or PEDAGOGY or ANDRAGOGY … we just need new THINKING….”

In hindsight, I might amend my final comment to say “BEFORE adopting new TECHNOLOGY, PEDAGOGY or ANDRAGOGY…, we FIRST need NEW THINKING…”

What do you think… How might I have better closed out this talk?

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