Masie Wrap Up

Two great take aways from Elliott’s conversations with Barak Obama:
1) Nintendo spends more on research than the US does on Education….spend more money on Education

2) Get a CLO for the US Government

BTW: He also sent the same advice to McCain campaign.

On the TeleTrust Game from Champlain College:
Anne’s students came up with a game called Teletrust which is VERY cool and helps people wrestle through the challenges of Teleworking and shows how that impacts the Trust relationship at a distance. They put in 17 hours the first day, 17 the second and 20 the third and the final product was very impressive.

Also, the game is available to all thanks to the Masie foundation. So go out on the Masie site to check it out.

Charles Fadel from Cisco Debunking Read, Hear, See, Say Do Myth
Charles Fadel from Cisco had a great chat with Elliott on the need for true evidence based learning design. He went through the story of how Cisco went about debunking the pervasive myth out there about See, Hear, Do….etc.

They looked at 24 different research studies to come up with a new model Interactive Multi-Modal versus Multi-Modal for Basic Skills versus Higher Order Skills. Here is how things map out. Bottom Line is that you don’t get much bang for your buck on Basic Skills for Interactive Multi-Modal. But if you go to interactive for higher order skills you get the biggest effect.

Bottom line: we need to get more evidence to debunk existing and entrenched learning mythologies.

Charles’ purpose in life is to accelerate the rate of learning because it is the second derivative that changes society itself. Bravo Charles!

Steven MR Covey on The Speed of Trust
Speed of Trust is a universal idea whose time has come. Elevator talk: Three key ideas: Trust is economic not just social because it always effects speed and cost. Trust is the currency of our world today…it is the currency for collaboration. It is the right fuel for today’s times. Trust is a learnable competency. Trust is something you can learn and get better at and develop over time.

eBay as a trust network. The whole premise of eBay is based on Transparency and Trust. What is your manager’s trust rating. Transparency is vital for trust. People do not trust what they can’t see. Don’t fight the transparency trend that the web is diffusing, we need to seize it to increase relationships with stakeholders. Credibility is the foundation of trust. It is a bit more intellectual. Trust is more emotional than intellectual.

If trust is a competency do we hire for it. How do we get our hands around it. We need to get good at recognizing it (go for Character and Competence) and then measuring it and leveraging it. Today it is like we are doing basic math on trust but in 10 years we will be doing calculus.

Social Networks/Trust Networks do not correlate to Hierarchy. So what does this mean for the enterprise of the future? People tend to trust peers more than they do people in responsibility. If we had a TeleTrust account (like bars for cellphone) above people for how trustworthy there were. (We can do that in Virtual Worlds ; ) Augmented Reality.

Recommendations are effectively a transfer of trust. What we are looking for is a combination of credibility and behavior. Credibility flows out of character and competency. Seeking Mutual Benefit on Character Side. Competence is all about Skills. We are better on Competence than on Character these dates. Getting results with behaviors (talking straight, transparency, writing wrong etc..) while depleting trust is not the way to go.

Just like we need evidence around learning we also need evidence around the competency of trust. Trust is the rising tide that raises all boats. Most Mergers do not work not due to strategy, finance etc. First crack in merger is trust. Focus systematically on trust in M&As.

Companies are doing more externally with customers on measuring trust (22%) than they are internally suggesting that this is increasing in importance. Usually companies build a brand but don’t build trust accordingly. Both can bring huge benefits. So we will look at brand like trust.

Advice for CEOs: Begin by making an economic business case for trust. Make the creation of trust an explicit objective for your firm. Start a measurement process. We measure what we value. Get a way to see the trust needle move. Model it from the inside out. Model what trust looks like with the board, executive team. Like Warren Buffett. Trust from time. Always work inside out from own credibility and behavior. Not a nice soft social virtue.

Book: The World is Flat. Describes new reality. Vital for all of us to understand new world we are all operating in.

President: The importance of starting with trust. We find ourself as a nation and world in a visious cycle of distrust and suspision. We need extend trust in politics and organization. When you give trust others can receive it. If you take trust out of a society the country implodes. Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms (Ken Blanchard Quote).

Last word from Elliott: Think about what you can do to be your own Chief Learning Officer

Over and out from a very cool there days in Orlando.

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  1. I love how Nintendo spends more on research than we do on education.

    The irony here is that Nintendo has so many educational features in its systems (especially the DS). There are so many language learning games, as well as things like “brain games,” etc., that all sell really really well. Just shows that people want to learn, and it’s funny many people turn to Nintendo to help them do so! Love the article, lots of good information on the state of edu!

  2. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Elliot Masie’s Learning 2008 at Rofblog

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