Book Art: Learning in 3D – Chapter 1 Word Cloud

I love Wordle.

Here is what is says Chapter 1 is all about!

What’s on Your Mind?

“What are you thinking about?”

This is a question we all hear a lot, and certainly for me, having ADD it is a very difficult one to answer. That is because if I pause to consider the carbon-based twitter stream between my ears at any given time, it looks a whole lot like this:


If I want to have a bit more of longitudinal view, say over the past few months, I can (and I often do) run a blog stream analysis. That, today, looks like this:


These Wordle generated tag clouds probably do a better job of telling me what is on my mind that I can myself.

Taking this static view to the next level, imagine that I could do this in real time. Imagine (thanks to Blue Man Group for the idea) that I could walk around with a real-time tag cloud above my head that was visible to everyone.

It would look something like what I have mashed up in the video below, and – as in real-life – it takes a few seconds for the virtual brain to really kick in ; )

I have written about how competency based modeling is collapsing of its own weight as a talent management mechanism within the enterprise. You can read my spew-draft on that here.

In a fully digitally mediated world where information is the currency, individuals are the transport mechanism, interaction is the transfer mechanism and insight is the outcome, the need for real time tag clouds that render explicit what people know and do will be essential.

new value chain

Once virtual worlds mainstream and avatar mediated work environments become the norm, transparency of capability and reputation will be afforded within the environment (as it is today in games) and we will have a far more effective and efficient way to coalesce capability around endeavor.

Back to my book now…..yes I was procrastinating….it is what writers do….after all I have a whole 13 days before d-day ; )