Learning 2009: Content is King but Content is the Kingdom

masie 2009

Fresh off the plane from TED India at Mysore, Elliott Masie was kind enough to connect me virtually to discuss Disruptive Technologies at Learning 2009.

We had fun riffing on the things right around the corner for learning…..Location based learning that takes advantage of GPS devices, Identity based learning where you can be someone other than who you are and experience how it feels via immersive media, the proliferation of game based learning on platforms such as i-phone, and envisioning a world 10 years from now where learning and doing become inseparable and instructions in context trump instruction outside of it.

The next wave of technologies is ushering in the possibility of performance support on steroids where knowledge is instantaneously injected into the workflow at the moment of need. The network will know what you know, know where you are, know what you need and be able to deliver it in context in real time.

Sounds like the “Just in Time, Just Enough, Just for Me” mantra of Knowledge Management a decade ago. The difference here is that both the social and technological architectures are different this time around: It is about flows of dynamic interactions between people not stocks of static information accessed by an individual.

In the new netWORK learning era Information is the Currency, Individuals are the Transport Mechanism, Interaction is the Transfer Mechanism and Insight and Wisdom are the Outcome. The quicker you can tune your network to the issue or task at hand the more productive you are at accomplishing the task and, oh yeah, you learn a whole bunch while you are not looking to boot!


Speechless in Mysore – Ruminating on TED India


Sitting in Bangalore hotel after the most fantastic four days at TED India.

Still processing a lot after these intense four days…..will no doubt blog more about this as I put the pieces of wisdom together in a more coherent way. TED is such an assault on all the senses, and this was even more true given that it was held in India.

I had the honor of presenting a TED University session and, although, I did not get my last slide in, I think I got my message across. I was talking about the Virginia Tech tragedy and how Web 2.0/3D Technologies figured into the back and forth between Mainstream Media Frenzy and Social Media Compassion. I will get a version up on YouTube by the end of next week.

The tagline for TED India was “The Future Beckons” and let me tell you it most certainly does for this wonderful Pluralistic Democracy. Yes there are a number of issues to be addressed: Getting growth and its economic windfall to flow to the bottom of the pyramid, getting better infrastructure in place and taking care of the natural resources in this beautiful land while experiencing huge growth, but after TED my impression is that India has all its bases covered.

Thanks to the TED team for pulling off an awesome conference.

To check out the experience you can see cool pictures here.