Learning Technology Address

I just got word that my talk at Learning Technologies 17 is now up. A number of you had asked me to post to my blog once it was up….so here it is. Don’t miss Steve’s great intro where he delves into the world of technology. I come in around the 24 minute mark with my riff on how we need to avoid falling into the routinizaiton trap with these new techologies.

I told a story in five chunks:

  1. To learn how to navigate the permanent white water created by the VUCA Vortex….
  2. ….we must address the scary problems that have painted us into a formal classroom learning corner….
  3. by overcoming our own limiting learning and development orthodoxies….
  4. …to recognize how technology is rapidly changing the nature of learning on multiple different dimensions….
  5. ….that can enable new design rules to build a deliberately developmental learning system.

For those of you who want to follow along with the slides, they are here:


Individual Leader Competence or Leadership System Capability?

This is the fourth installment chronicling the insights that emerged from our work to develop our Leading from the Center Model.

Our fourth insight was that “We are moving from building individual leader competence to leadership system capability.” The big shift we are seeing today is that, in addition to focusing on building the competence in indiviudal leaders, organizations are seeking to create leadership system capability to accelerate the organizations responsiveness, resilience and adaptability.

Does your leadership development approach focus on teaching individual leaders topics associated with a competency model or creating the contexts within which leadership systems can learn while doing? If now, should it?