Jane McGonigal on Games for a Better World

Jane’s argument for how Gamers and Game culture can improve the real world in in total synch with much of what I was discussing with regards to the application of emerging technologies to help deal with the Gulf Oil Spill on Opensource.com today.

The two EPIC games we need to get everyone involved in right now are what I call SOS games- Stop the Oil Spill and Save our Shores.

Spend the 18 minutes watching Jane….after you see World Without Oil, Superstruct and Evoke, you too will see that Games could well be the foundation upon which our sustainable future depends.

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  1. Emerging technologies to help us build our sustainable future?
    Game to help us build our sustainable future?

    If so, we sould support games and open source more, really.


  2. I did got there. And I saw, as I expected,

    “Openness and transparency: ……..
    Collaboration and ideation: ……..
    Meritocracy and prioritization: ……..
    Coordination and planning: ……..
    Open decision making: ……..
    Communication and accountability: …….. ”

    This list, again, as I expected, says nothing about execution.
    Open source, as I expected, has a lot of advisers, idea men and women, but few doers.
    Can we leave the evnorimnent to such groups?


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