Powerpoint Summary of Learning in 3D

Tonight Karl and I will be chatting with Randy Hinrich’s class at University of Washington. I prepared a summary overview of the book in PPT to get the conversation going.

Knowing Ran’s students, we will no doubt be getting into the nitty gritty on a lot of these charts but I thought I would share for others who have yet had the opportunity to browse the book.


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  1. Hi Tony and Karl,

    Thanks for the summary. It has been a good introduction for me as I will receive the book soon.


  2. Inspiring thoughts and a great talk at FCVW, thank you for sharing. Hanno

  3. A very useful information has been shared! Thanks for sharing! I found it quite interesting and useful as well!!

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  1. MixedRealities :: O’Driscoll at the FCVW conference: yes, knowledge management is an oxymoron

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