Metanomics This Week!

This Wednesday Karl and I will be appearing on Metanomics to discuss Learning in 3D and where we see Virtual Immersive Worlds going over the coming few years.

Rob Bloomfield is a fantastic host and I am really looking forward to this.

Be sure to get there early…..The Metanomics SL studio fills up fast!

Hope to see you there.

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  1. I enjoyed your talk at Metanomics. I would guess by some of the names of the avatars in the audience that this group completely understands your book and each and everyone of us are creating learning in Second Life. We are using your book as a way to get our administrators to truly understand the value of virtual worlds.

    Question: Have you thought about setting up a community in Second Life?

    Sail Wozniak

    • Sail,

      That is EXACTLY why Karl and I decided to put the book together. How Ironic that we need to use a very old technology to convince people in decision making roles of the validity of something you actually have to experience to understand. Nonetheless, if the book helps to bring legitimacy to the vision many of us are already living and it helps the powers that be commit to the obvious sooner, then we will be proud to have been part of making this happen!

      Thanks for your note. With regards to SL group…..we figured there were already so many in the SLED etc…that a community already existed.


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