Blog Tour Week 3

Karl has a great summary of Week 2 of the blog tour here.

This week we have yet another lineup of stellar blogger who will share their insights on our book. Looking forward to hearing what they have to say!

Week Three

Day Eleven: 01/25/10 Randy Hinrichs at his 2b3D’s blog. (He has another stop later in the tour as well.)

Day Twelve: 01/26/10 Mike Qaissaunee’s Frequently Asked Q.

Day Thirteen: 01/27/10 Tom Haskin at his blog Growing, Changing, Learning, Creating.

Day Fourteen: 01/28/10 Janet Clarey who has a Brandon Hall Research Blog.

Day Fifteen: 01/29/10 Cammy Bean’s blog Learning Visions.

**Special Saturday (01/30/10) post by Stan Yann at The Ignorant Immigrant.

**Special Guest blog post by Mark Copeman at Being Smarter discussing the book tour itself.