Week 2 of Blog Book Tour Begins!

A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who blogged our book during week one. My own blog visits shot through the roof and we reached #4 in Training on Amazon Kindle sales in the Training category!

Below is the lineup of bloggers slated to discuss our book on their blogs this week:

Week Two

Day Six: 01/18/10 Jane Bozarth at The Bozarth Zone.

Day Seven: 01/19/10 Mark Viquesney at the TechSpectives Blog which is an online community dedicated to the latest topics in technology and education.

Day Eight: 01/20/10 Rupa Rajagopalan at The Writer’s Gateway.

Day Nine: 01/21/10 Brent Schlenker’s blog Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development.

Day Ten: 01/22/10 Christy Tucker’s Experiencing E-Learning

I will continue to tweet quotes at #lrn3D and provide the more substantive nuggets here on my blog.

The book has been printed and I will actually get to see it myself tomorrow at the Global Collaboration Imperative Event sponsored by Microsoft and Proton Media.

Have a GREAT week!

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