Learnin in 3D Nugget #11

Twitter Quote:
Today, the primary challenge for the learning function is to “think outside of the classroom.” p.27

Book Paragraph:
In times of disruptive change, moving forward by looking into the rear-view mirror can result in driving off a cliff. To avoid this undesirable outcome, business people are often challenged to think outside of the box. Today, the primary challenge for the learning function is to “think outside of the classroom.” Not doing so could result in the learning function becoming captive to its own limiting paradigms and marginalizing its value to the enterprise to the point of its own extinction.

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  1. Thinking outside of the classroom. Now what a funny notion that is. If you think of the classroom as the inside of your head, you can’t possibly think out of it. The learning that you experience happens wherever you are, mainly because the repository for learning is yourself. The classroom is wherever you’re learning. That could be in a room having a shared experience with others; it could be behind the panel of a machine in which you have to work the knobs and dials to perform a job; it could be in a swimming pool as you learn the freestyle for the first time. If learning is really three dimensional, then learning happens in the 3D construct of your brain and your body. My thought for the day is think about how technology in any form or any place can support that organic process.

  2. Ran,

    I like your comment that the ‘classroom is wherever you’re learning.’ I think more and more businesses and academic institutions are beginning to realize this. With the help of technology, the ‘anywhere classrooms’ of the world are being enhanced and more effectively administered to help facilitate the entire learning process.


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