Learning in 3D Book Blog Tour Starts Monday!

My awesome co-author Karl Kapp has managed to invite 30 prominent bloggers on the tour.

Add to this a special Twitter hashtag of #lrn3d, where I will be tweeting Quotes of the Day (or Hour depending on energy level) for the next month, , a Facebook Fan Club and a 20% discount from the publisher and even a “prize” for folks that follow the entire tour and leave a comment on every blog. I think we have covered all our bases for the book launch ; )

Our first stop on Monday will be at the blog of the person that wrote the forward to the book, Ron Burns, CEO of Proton Media. You can see that he is already priming the pump by clicking here.

Some of you have been asking “What is a blog book tour?” There are many definitions but the way this tour will work is that we’ve asked prominent bloggers in the learning, collaboration and virtual worlds space to take one day and blog about the book, virtual immersive environments, 3D, conduct an interview with the authors or discuss any other topic some-what related to the book. This will happen at a different blog each day for 6 weeks.

Karl and I will stop by the “tour stop” on that day and leave a comment or discuss something about the book. The idea is to generate buzz, have some fun talking about the book, get feedback from the readers of the book and generate a few sales.

Also, in case you did not notice, the book is now also available on Kindle. You can get it here.

Getting psyched to have this book hit the market and seriously hoping it helps us get the vision and application across the chasm and onto main street ASAP.