Webvolution Snippit from Irish Learning Alliance

Jonathan Kayes, CLO of the CIA and some colleagues paid a visit to Duke today. He was giving me a hard time about not updating my blog. He mentioned that he was really liking his i-phone and he had even created a link to my blog, but funnily enough he has not seen an update there in quite some time.

Touche Jonathan, this one’s for you ; )

In case you think I have been doing nothing, I want you all to know that I am just back from London where we launched the redesign of Fuqua’s Cross Continent MBA program. 119 students from 28 different countries, 50 of whom have non-US passports converged on the Tower Hotel in London for a jam-packed residency. By all accounts it seems to have been very well received.

You can see the blog that I built for the Culture, Civilization and Leadership course, with Bill Boulding, by clicking here. A visit to this blog will, hopefully, attest to the fact that all my blogging energies were sucked up by this effort!

Anyway, you may recall that I had the great pleasure of Keynoting at an Irish Learning Alliance conference in New York back in March where I got to meet with Ireland’s Taoiseach. More on that meeting in this post.

The good folks at the ILA took a few snippits of my talk and I link to them here for your review and comment.



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  1. Jonathan Kayes

     /  September 3, 2009

    Thanks for the blog dedication and for taking my ribbing in such graceful style. The update is much appreciated.


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