Metanomics: Book Overview and 3DTLC

PHEW, Nice to be back. Finally getting around to an update. Things have been incredibly busy of late. Plus have been setting up another blog for a course I am doing at Fuqua so my blogging attention/allocation was pretty much spent. All good stuff though ; ).

Rob Bloomfield was kind enough to have be back on Metanomics again at the beginning of the month. We delved into the core chapter of the book that Karl Kapp and I wrote on Learning in 3D (out in January) and we talked about how 3DTLC is shaping up for September.


You can check out the video by clicking HERE:

For the main event Margaret Regan who is President and CEO of the FutureWork Institute. Margaret was kind enough to let us write a case on her comany’s work with 3D applied to Diversity and Inclusion.

This video of FutureWork island is a GREAT example of how the thoughtful application of 3D technology can create a powerful 3D Learning Experience.

OK back to figuring out the 3DTLC show lineup. It is shaping up to be a very cool couple of days in San Jose BTW so sign up NOW!

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  1. I saw that the topic for 3DTLC is crossing the chasm, getting to main street users from early adopters. Is this coming from the thinking put forth by Geoffrey Moore; the diffusion of technology over time and marketing it to the masses? I read your keynote speaker’s study on finding business value in immersive technology and indeed, a benefit of this technology appears to be its relatively low-cost of implementation compared to other forms of collaborative software.

    I think there are valuable lessons to be learned from the marketing of this form of learning to the masses, but the challenge I see, and the difference between 3D worlds as a learning tool and Moore’s discussion, is that Moore was focused on profitable actions. Many a CIO/CTO will need to see convincing forward-looking performance and strategic indicators before spending more of their capital budgets upgrading workstations and giving more rack space to “simulators”. I look forward to seeing the blog posts and other updates to come out of your conference. Good luck!

  2. Coyle,

    The chapter covers a combination of both Moore’s work and the author whom Moore fashioned his work, Everett Rogers. I agree about looking for profits or perhaps, from a learning perspective, looking for behavior change that makes a difference. The case studies in the book provide insights into how behavior has changed as a result of 3D worlds. While Virtual Immersive Environments are not the only solution for the future of learning, they do hold great promise as we explain in the book chapters. Stay tuned here for additional information and a web site we’ll be unveiling that covers this topic and related topics in more depth.


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