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Sorry for being a bad blogger of late. I have good reason. Many, many sleepless nights writing a book with Karl Kapp about the Immersive Internet and how it is transforming society, economy and education. More on that in another post.

For now here is a picture of your’s truly (or at least his avatar) waxing on the scientific research in MMO’s and VSWs for the enterprise.

metanomics correspondant

This week Rob interviewed my good friend Mitzi Montoya from NCSU and we also got to hear a snapshot of Erica Driver’s hot-off-the press study on the Immersive Internet’s Business Value. All in all a very good show that talks about folks who are SERIOUS about getting evidence to substantiate that which we all inherently believe: That the Immersive Internet is a disruptive technology that will have profound effects on how we live, work and play ; )

You can view the talk here.

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