Wada is Corporate Learning Correspondent for Metanomics

Metanomics launched in its fantastic new digs today. What a wonderful place.


At 3DTLC, Rob Blooomfield asked me to become a correspondent for Metanomics covering the application of virtual world technologies to enterprise learning. I am honored and excited to be a part of this incredibly well produced show.

Today I covered the Expectation Gap and the Routinization Trap when it comes to the application of Virtual Worlds to Training. The basic message was that we need to reframe learning if we are to avail ourselves of all the incredible affordances that the virtual world brings. If content is king, then context is the kingdom. We need to become contextual engineers to create compelling immersive learning experience, not digital content conveyers in a virtual classroom. We also talked about how the twitter backchannel at the conference brought some of those affordances from the virtual world back into meatspace to enrich conference participant connectedness.

More importantly, Mark Kingdon, CEO of Second Life, goes over his strategic plan and addresses audience questions in today’s show. Lots of good stuff in the discussion. For those of us steeped in Virtual Worlds a great set of insights into where Second Life is headed. As a business prof, the conversation is also a great exposition of how a new CEO comes into a very strong culture and works to move the company from pathfinding, across the chasm to main-street.

You can check out the show by clicking here.

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