Training Leadership Summit Keynote

I had the pleasure of addressing the Training Leadership Summit conference this morning.


This is a group of senior leaders from Learning and Development that comes together each year to discuss and shape the direction of the industry.

Today the message was clear. Web 2.0 and 3Di are disruptive technologies to the profession and the do-nothing alternative is not in play.

Here are my charts from the session:

Lets get on with committing to the obvious!

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  1. Tony,

    Great set of slides. I like your approach to looking at the trends and ideas. Wish I could hear the audio that went with it, but I’ll imagine what it might have been. I find it particularly interesting that you see “connected within” as the next step following web2.0. I want to agree with you, but I wonder if that still needs so much more time to emerge. To me, it doesn’t seem to connect with our current trends. Mass adoption of Facebook and Twitter are based, in part on simplicity of the interface. It seems that it would take a long time for a 3D-enabled Facebook application to be widely used. And maybe mass adoption isn’t what we are going for, but it is a large part of the value proposition.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. having been at the presentation and then having a bit of time to pick your brain last night, I just wanted to say thanks. Definitely interesting and great food for thought…Thanks, Joel

  1. NetWORKed Learning | Workplace Learning Today

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