Congratulations Dr. Garcia

One of the most wonderful rewards of being an educator is to sit in a Dissertation defense and be totally awed by the work of one of your students. It is even more rewarding when that student is a close friend.

Steve Garcia and I met many moons ago when he was interviewing for the Marketing Leadership Development Program at Nortel. We hit it off immediately and have crossed paths many times over the years. Steve and I worked together in the New Services Development team at Nortel and he decided to follow my lead and take the plunge to pursue his doctorate at NCSU more years ago than I can remember.

I had the pleasure of having Steve in class and always appreciated his focus, pragmatism and keen insights. At his dissertation defense the other day he mentioned that it was in my class that he first became interested in Social Network theory. Yet another moment that makes your hart sing as an educator ; )


Well, Dr. Garcia took this interest to a whole new level in his dissertation. He has developed a theory to apply social network analysis to determine the impact of large group interventions. His Chapter 2 is a must read for anyone who wants to get up to speed on where this kind of analysis stands and how it can be used empirically to show variance in outcomes on large group interventions.

Today I am proud to be an educator and proud to call Steve a friend. Most importantly I am proud to welcome Dr. Steve Garcia to the academy. Congrats Steve…now lets get some of your great work published ; )

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