ARG Meets Predictive Markets

This week at Masie, David Metcalf and team from USF ran a cool ARG game that rotated around DreamCorp. I posted on this earlier. I have had the pleasure of knowing David for years and I always look to his interest in a given appraoch to be a lead-indicator of what will be coming down the pike next. Seem like Alternate Reality Games are officially on the radar ; )

Another cool happening at the conference was that I got the chance to connect with Wayne Hodgins again. I have always admired Wayne’s keen insights on learning. We first met many moons ago at a conference at UVA when Marcia Conner was a fellow at Darden. She held an incredibly cool conference there that pulled together a lot of the most lucid minds around learning and I was lucky enough to participate.

Anyway, Wayne is still a Fellow at Autodesk…(which I believe has to be be one of the coolest jobs in the world. Between Wayne and Tom Wujec, whom I have also had the pleasure of meeting, it is clear that when Autodesk sees brilliance they do all they can to cultivate it)….Case in point….Wayne is now traveling around the world on his sailboat to dig deeply into learning processes at a distance.

I went back to his blog today and found an awesome post about an IFTF/Jane McGonigal project called Superstruct. Check out this video:

It is essentially a mash up of ARGs and Predictive Markets which starts with a scenario where “The Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS) has reset the survival horizon for Homo sapiens-the human race-from indefinite to 25 years.”

I love the website tagline: “Welcome to Superstruct – The world’s first massively multiplayer forecasting game. Watch the videos. Play the game. Invent the future”

Off to check this out some more ; )

Sound like a very interesting experiment….plus it is a lot easier to spell out MMFG than MMORPG ; )

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  1. There is no component of prediction markets in Superstruct. It is purely an ARG for storytelling. Superstruct has no perceptable rule mechanisms for formally integrating the storytelling visions of multiple contributors, mediating conflicts between their versions of events, or determining when a player’s version of future events is poorly-done and rejected by the player community.

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     /  March 22, 2010

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