Handshaw Conference Workshop Slides

This week I had the distinct pleasure to present a workshop at Dick Handshaw’s conference in Charlotte. Dick is a friend and colleague who is keen to reinvent learning from the ground up in a world where we are awash in new and transformative technologies. His charge to me was to “Rock their World.” I did my best and it was a blast ; )

We had a very engaging day and, as promised, I am doing the Web 2.0 thing and sharing slides here. I am using Slideshare tonight. I will also give Scribd a try later as the i-paper concept looks pretty cool. Both allow you to embed directly below and download file from the site. Scribd accepts more formats for upload though.

Thanks to all those who attended the workshop and for “taking the red pill”.

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  1. Hope you’ll share more about this.

  2. As always, intriguing stuff, Tony.

    Unfortunately, the viewer you used doesn’t allow any of the in-slide transitions, animations, or videos to actually work, so there’s a lot that isn’t clear as a consequence.

    Of course, a soundtrack would always be welcome (just fire up that Mac and record away!).

  3. Hello Dr. O’Driscoll:

    It was a pleasure meeting you at your Web 2.0/3Di Workshop on 9/16/08 in Charlotte, NC. Per our our conversation at the end of the workshop, I’ve uploaded my mindmap from the workshop to Biggerplate (http://www.biggerplate.com/viewmap.asp?id=595&p=searchresults.asp) and on my blog (http://mindmapblog.wordpress.com).

    You (and others) can download the mindmap at biggerplate.com.

    Again, a pleasure meeting you. —Chance

  4. Tony-

    Your session at the conference received high marks on our evaluation sheets. The workshop was a hit as well. Thanks again.


  5. Ya, I keynoted Dick’s conference 2 or 3 years ago and had a blast! I think I dressed as Dr. Evil for part of it and he was mini me.

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