Nancy Cooper: 17 Days In

The past 17 days have been surreal in many ways. The sense of disassociation from self as you go through something like this is truly eerie. You are in the bubble, but also somehow outside the bubble looking in at yourself and observing your behavior in a detached way.

Now that the custody hearing has taken over in the media and the legal process begins to take hold positions are being taken, lines are being drawn and the humanity that was so visible in the early days of this tragedy is evaporating rapidly. Everyone has their opinion and everybody wants to be right.

All the while, in the past week at least, we seem to have forgotten one thing. This wordle picture which turns my past three blog postings into word art provides us with a hint at what that might be:

How ironic that something as emotionally detached as a computer algorithm can continue to shine a light on the most salient point of this whole story: Parents lost a daughter, A husband lost a wife, Children lost their Mommy, and Friends lost a Friend.

Hopefully, being reminded of this and putting the impact of Nancy’s loss to those constituencies front and center in all future dialogue will help us move through this tragedy in a more humane way.

This is my LAST post on this subject. From here on out it is back to Learning Matters.

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