Blog Book Tour Stop: Gadgets, Games and Gizmos

I am honored that Karl asked me to participate in his Blog Book tour. I have had the good fortune of working with Karl on a few projects and I have always found that our interactions really pushed my thinking in new directions when it comes to how the relentless pace of technological evolution creates gadgets, gizmos and games for learning.

In many ways, Karl’s latest oeuvre is a proxy for interacting with the man himself. If your experience is like mine, as you read through the chapters your mind will be stretched in all kinds of new directions as to the as-yet-untapped potential that all this technology affords us as learning professionals.


Being the Web 2.0 guy that he is. Karl also has a companion site to the book that should not be missed. Click here to check it out.

In this book, Karl really has his finger on the pulse of what I believe is a strategic-inflection point where emerging technologies will fundamentally recreate how we conceive of and conduct learning within and outside the enterprise.

I also particularly enjoy Karl’s strategy of learning how this future will become manifest by looking at it through the eyes of his kids. I have two boys that are five years younger than Nathan and Nicholas, but already I am beginning to see signs that the tables will be changing very soon for me where I am the learner and they are the wise ones.

If you have not read this book you are missing out in a big way. Actually, you are really getting two books for the price of one as no-one told Karl that he should stop after 200 pages.

So go ahead, click here, press “buy” and let the games begin ; 0

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  1. Tony,

    I have to say that one of the joys of writing the book was the collaboration with my boys and educaton I received from them in all kinds of technological areas…especially in terms of their attitude and comfort level with the technology. They have really opened my eyes to the possiblities of all these new technologies for learning. Mainly because they view technology as just another thing in their world and not as “technology.” A cell phone is not bigger deal to them than a Tonk Truck was to me as a child.

    My 10 year old son, in fact, was the first person to tell me that the iPhone was reduced by $200. Why? Because he wants one.

    Kids just seem so comfortable with technology…the inhibitions and hestitation that many adults have with technology is almost nonexistant with kids. They just take to it. Even as we adults are banning iPods and cell phones from schools…see… Hire That Kid

    The technology has also allowed me to work with my sons in terms of presenting the technology to teachers and others. I talked about it in Father and Son Second Life Presentation.

    So, we should all take a few lessons from the kids and embrace the technology as tools for learning.

    And Tony, get ready because in a year or two your kids will be co-presenting with you at the university and conferences:)

    Thanks for a great stop on the Blog Book tour.



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