Go Wolfpack: Wada Changes Careers ; )

OK, I know…it has been a few months I but I’m BAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK!

Where were you? you ask…well in the past few months, I have made a big career leap and moved back into academia at North Carolina State University’s (that’s the Wolfpack) College of Management

Upon hearing the news, an IBM colleague of mine sent me this picture which I think is quite apropos. Although I will always be a Hokie at heart I am definitely a Wolfpacker when it comes to the rest of the ACC…go PACK (Unless you are playing the Hokies ; )


So far I am really enjoying working with the students. I am teaching Strategy and Management of Technology and I am an Executive Advisor in our Technology, Entrepreneurship and Commercialization program.

Also, I have a few colleagues at the university who share my passion for the potential of 3Di and learning. In fact we made the front page of the College of Management site last week.

You can read the whole story here.

Tomorrow I will be covering Karl Kapp’s new book as part of his blog book tour.


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  1. Howard Smith

     /  September 14, 2007

    Tony – I had not heard your news. Congratulations and best wishes. Please be in touch.


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