Virginia Tech Memorial in Second Life

OK, I’m back.

Sorry for the delay, but I really felt that my rant on jounalists deserved top billing for a while.

Picking up right where I left off on the idea of Web 2.0 not just being a mechanism for CrowdSOURCING as many have written about…it is also an enabler of CrowdSOOTHING. Students from all around the world creating digital surrounds to support and console their fellow students at Va Tech.

In my travels I also learned about a permanent memorial that has been set up in Second Life. The video below is my own meager attempt to put together a memorial that showcases the memorial in SL.

I mashed up some of the most moving photos I found on the web, put Nikki Giovanni’s powerful speech in the background and, half-way through, I pay my own tribute to Dr. Librescu who taught me Dynamics during my Sophmore year at Virginia Tech. He was a very kind man and a great educator. May he rest in peace.

Stay Strong: Go Hokies!

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