Enrichment of Experience….Must See TV errr Web Video

I found out today that I get to chat with a Business Week reporter on Monday about 3Di.

Being a Web 2.0 kinda dude – and since I cant sleep anyway – I decided to see what I could find out about Aili McConnon before we got to talk next week. I do this all the time. The web is such a cool way to find a hook/meme or something in common between parties that quickly allows the synchronous connection to move to co-creation of insight.

My last post was about the power of Web 2.0. When I read the work (and watched the interviews) from Aili and her colleagues, I immediately sent it to two of my pals whom I knew would be very interested in their work.

Moreover, I now know so much more about where Aili is coming from our conversation will be all the richer. In this new world of information overload and attention defecit, Informaiton is the currency, people are the transport mechanism, conversation is the transfer mechanism and insight is the value exchange. As John Seely Brown so eloquently put it, Information does indeed have a social life and Web 2.0 just makes it happen faster. As Larry Prusak would say Knowledge Management is an oxymoron because you should not focus on managing “stocks” of information but instead we should be doing all we can enable its “flow” thereby creating knowlege accidents that generate value.

Also, because I think the research that Aili and her colleagues have done is so cool, I am so excited about the fact that we get to talk next week. This goes back to my notion that hardcore Web 2.0 people essentially become hardcore lifelong learners by default. The only adjustment here, for clarity, is that life-long learning is also every-moment learning in the Web 2.0 world.

Imagine a frictionless and distance-free environment powered by Web 2.0/Semantic Web/3Di that enables folks who are passionate about what they do to automagically connect with with people who have a need (i.e. willing to pay for) for exactly what those people are passionate about. This is the ultimate virtuous cycle. Could we really be on the cusp of something this big? Service Orient Architectures componentize social web services enable Mash Ups that make this value connection on an ongoing basis based on: where people are, what they are doing and the profile of who they are and what they like driving what is rendered up in that very same space.

Who knows? When I read SnowCrash 10 years ago after Dorothy Leonard Barton decreed at a PDMA conference that this is a book you must read… I said to myself “That is such a cool notion….too bad I’ll be dead when the Metaverse becomes a reality.”

Boy was I off-base on the time scale here. I did survive a 100-mile an hour head on collision in my early twenties…but barring that here I am at 40 spending more and more time in the Metaverse, and hopefully I have at least half my life still ahead of me. I won’t go back into Ruben Steiger’s funny story about his chat with Neal about Second Life being the Metaverse….but I will say that the arrival of the Metaverse within my own lifetime is a very welcome surprise.

Anyway, I digress (a byproduct of ADD).

Aili and her colleagues have a truly fascinating study that correlates with my own hypothesis that Avatar-Mediated Interaction enables an Enrichment of Experience. The creation of an experience that is not only near-real life or even augmented-virtual-reality but…plain-and-simply an experience that is different and than one you could ever experience in real life and by going through it you learn more about you own self and those around you.

All I can say is….check out Aili and her colleagues’ fine work for yourself. It is a great intro to SL in general…and more importantly it sets up a lot of questions about the yet-to-be grokked possibilities for avatar-mediated interaction.

BTW, even though the title is “Dating and Mating in Secondlife,” rest assured that there is nothing whatsoever in this video that I would deem to be offensive. It is simply an enlightening conversation between the researchers/journalists where they very discuss their findings.

Too tired now to figure out how embed this particular video into my page.

Just click here and then click on video. It is only one additional click…go ahead click….one more time…..click…now that was not so bad was it? ; )

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