Lifelogging from SL

As I write I am in SL attending IBM’s first Machinima Ocsars around the theme of IBM’s Greater Connection Network. Here I am heading into the Auditorium for the main event:

Here is the intro to the Machinima Contest. All entries were pumped into the video screen you see in the center of the auditorium above.

I was so energized to see the co-crative energies of colleagues at IBM come to life here and from what I could gather so too were my colleagues who attended the event.

Thankfully, there fruit of their co-creative labor is available to all via You Tube. For those of you trying to find videos that explain the possibilities of virtual worlds take a look, you may find useful snippits here.

Click here to see the individual videos.

Onward and upward….got to go to a baby shower for one of my colleagues…yes it is in SL

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