I Love Web 2.0

The more I steep myself into the Web 2.0 and 3Di domain the more amazed I become.

Throughout today grabbing 5 minutes here and there to upload snippits and about 2 more hours this PM after everyone was in bed, I was able to put this picture/video montage together on Jumpcut:

Movie Link

Movie Thumbnail
It's Up to You!

This was literally thrown together per per Brent Schlenker and Mark Oehlert’s RIP, MIX, FEED, repeat, repeat…infinity ideas…thanks guys ; )

Take a look and let me know what you think. It is my first attempt to demonstrate the key Synthetic World Sensibilities and at the end I ask you whether you are willing to be like Neo and take the Red Pill. I need to learn how to use/import audio etc…but it is a start.

I got to get some sleep…over and out from Cary

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  1. It’s really a great job.

  2. Outstanding! Jumpcut is very cool. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet myself, but I love what you’ve done so far.
    Now, if I’m correct, others can go in and RE-edit what you’ve done…right? Or add to it and what not? I noticed the REMIX button…and I remembered hearing about that capability somewhere.
    Anyways, it is very cool! Nice job!
    I can relate to trying to scrape together the hours to put something like that together. You’ve motivated me to keep looking 😉


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